Rubber Watch Straps For Seiko

Seiko Rubber Strap for Active Lifestyles

Rubber watch straps for Seiko are available from Crafter Blue at affordable prices. A Seiko rubber strap expands upon the versatility of your luxury timepiece. Rubber straps are the perfect solution for those who are very active and need a band that won’t become damaged when exposed to the elements.


Seiko rubber straps were first created for divers. With a diver band, the watch could safely get wet without any risk of corrosion. Rubber watch straps for Seiko timepieces are now available for all. Users decide to update their watch bands for enjoyment in and out of the water. Rubber straps are water-resistant and moisture-wicking. Made from vulcanized rubber, the watch strap has increased durability and won’t change color or fade due to weather damage.


Vulcanized rubber is used by Crafter Blue to create all the available straps. Vulcanized rubber must undergo additional chemical processing to protect the strap from water and sun damage. Vulcanized rubber is extremely rigid with extra strength. However, the Seiko rubber strap retains plenty of flexibility with a comfortable fit.


Popular models from the Seiko line of timepieces include the Seiko 5 and the Seiko SKX007. The Seiko 5 Rubber Strap accommodates the sports line of watches from the luxury brand watchmaker. The vulcanized rubber band comes in a range of colors to fit in with your unique style. Popular options for the Seiko 5 Rubber Strap include black, green, navy blue, and red. For those who want to stand out in the crowd, orange or a multi-color option is a good choice. The Seiko 5 Rubber Strap also provides different hardware selections for installation. Stainless steel hardware or PVD black hardware are both offered to give you more style options. Replacing an old band with a new Seiko 5 Rubber Strap is easy and can be done in minutes. Crafter Blue includes the accessories you need to make the update, including the replacement spring bar. Once installed, the rubber strap promises to give the watch a sporty and modern look.


Another highlighted product from Crafter Blue is the Seiko SKX007 Rubber Strap. The strap is crafted from high-quality vulcanized rubber to protect the watch from damage when used outdoors. Color options are varied for the Seiko SKX007 Rubber Strap, including top picks such as black, navy blue, and green. Based on your style preferences, you can also pick between stainless steel or black hardware. The rubber strap is not only water-resistant, but also resistant to oils and lotions. Colors are long-lasting and remain bright without any discoloration or fading. The Seiko SKX007 Rubber Strap will also work with other model watches in the SKX series. Check all specifications before ordering to confirm you are getting the correct product.


Care for rubber watch straps for Seiko timepieces is easy. Simply, store the watch band in a cool and dry place when not in use. If the strap becomes dirty, quickly wipe clean with a moist cloth. The bands are hypoallergenic and won’t cause rashes or outbreaks while wearing. Install the Seiko rubber strap at home or take the watch to a jewelry shop for assistance. Once the spring bars are released, the new rubber strap simply slides into place. Crafter Blue provides extra spring bars with all band purchases to make the switch seamless.


Sports watches are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, including at the pool and beach. With a Seiko rubber strap, you will use the timepiece everywhere you go without worrying about damaging the watch. Switch straps as often as you like to change up your look and add more vibrant colors to your wardrobe.

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