Complete Tips to find the right size of the Crafter Blue RS01 strap for your Rolex

Last time you have already written the article about our new strap RS01 for us. In your article, we have briefly introduced that RS01 has versatile sizing options. They are:

  • 4 Links by 4 Links
  • 4 Links by 5 Links
  • 4 Links by 6 Links
  • 5 Links by 5 Links
  • 5 Links by 6 Links
  • 6 Links by 6 Links


But we want to further explain how to find the right size for your Rolex. So in this article, we will deeply guide the people to do so step by step.


Actually it is very easy to find the right size. The method is to count the adjusted length of your original Rolex bracelets. All you have to do is counting how many links of both sides. For example, if you count 4 links from 6 o’clock and 5 links from 12 o’clock, you choose 4 links by 5 links. Please note that any end links, half links and bracelet extensions are excluded in counting.