Crafter Blue and the Ocean


Ocean is our mission

The vast and deep ocean is a gift from our Mother Nature. She nurtures many forms of lives in waters and on earth since the beginning of time. And yet she is full of mysteries. Ocean explorers have been enticed by her mysterious beauty through the generations. Although they find the electronic diving devices helpful for their explorations, their trust on analogue dive watches has never faded. Analogue dive watches remain a close companion to every serious sea-pioneer, explorer, oceanographer, and underwater photographer.

Crafter Blue has made it our mission to support sea explorations by creating analogue dive watches. Our latest line of Hyperion Ocean is a product of our experience and understanding on dive watches over many years. It has won over the hearts of many professional divers and sea-lovers. Crafter Blue will continue to express our creativity in new inventions of dive watches. 

Future’ contribution

Crafter Blue has been collaborated with freelance underwater explorers and photographers in their missions to explore the ocean. Our contribution in achieving this common mission has been evidenced in their wonderful photos and videos. They are shared and refreshed on our website for you to enjoy.