Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph, a dream watch of every ocean explorer

A wristwatch is one of the coolest gadgets that one can have in order to make them look classy, fashionable, and a socially aware trendy individual. It shows how you like to be punctual, take care of yourself and your responsibilities, and have a unique fashion sense that is in no way similar to ordinary people.


Hyperion Ocean Chronograph HOCSS007.M.R

Hyperion Ocean Chronograph HOCSS001.P.R


In recent times, with technology innovations taking over every consumer product that one can think of, technology innovators like Crafter Blue have taken the liberty to design wrist watches with features that go far beyond the traditional use of time tracking.

Crafter Blue has been creating premium quality, high-end dive watches for people such as ocean explorers, oceanographers, and water photographers for quite some time now. The latest addition in their product line is their Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph.

Coming in two variations with the same features and benefits, this latest diving chronograph is everything that every ocean diver is looking for, and here’s why.

  1. Aesthetic Design

The colorful sleek dials, the cutting-edge transparent glass, and the contrasting aperture of the watch make it look so aesthetically pleasing that it catches your eye at the first glance.

The astonishing beauty of the product is enhanced by the artistic design of the crown and pusher with the crown engraved with the elegant font designer’s tag. There’s no match to the creativity of the designer who produced this masterpiece.

  1. Features so cool that no ocean diver can afford to not purchase one

The watch is rich features beneficial for ocean divers. Some of the most prominent one’s are:

  1. Chronograph: The most prominent feature is the chronograph. This amazing feature comes in very handy for recording the time for specific intervals or for purposes of calculating the average speed.
  2. Screw-in crown: The screw-in crown provides a water-tight seal ensuring that the users can trust the watch in deep waters without ever being worried.
  3. Uni-directional rotating bezel: This feature has been specifically incorporated in the watch to make recording the elapsed time an extremely convenient task.
  4. Water-resistant to 200m/600ft: Explore the natural beauty of the ocean without any fear of malfunctioning for up to 200 meters.
  5. Sapphire Crystal: With it being soft and flexible, the sapphire crystal is least likely to shatter, get scratch marks or lose its aesthetic look over a long period of time.
  1. Premium Quality

Since the chronograph is not an ordinary watch, the quality of every material used in the production of it is rigorously ensured through a completely reliable inspection process. The users of the watch can rest assured count on the reliability of the watch for years to come.

The masterpiece is released and still in high demand due to its aesthetic design and massively beneficial features. It is currently available and you can go grab one for yourselves..