Give your Seiko SKX / Seiko Turtle a new life Crafter Blue’s latest edition curved-end aquanaut straps

Crafter Blue has always been known to empower watch lovers around the world to enjoy a customized experience of their favorite watches with their top-notch accessories and products. These aquanaut-styled curved-end rubber straps for the Seiko Turtle and Seiko SKX/Seiko Sports 5 owners are their latest addition to their product line.

The CB11 is particularly designed for Seiko SKX while the CB12 is designed for Seiko 12 is designed for Seiko Turtle.

Benefits of CB11 and CB12

The CB11 and CB12 are high-end rubber straps that are designed particularly just for Seiko Turtle and Seiko SKX watch owners.

Here are some of the amazing features that make CB11 and CB12 a perfect strap for your Seiko SKX or Seiko Turtle.


Classic aquanut style

Made from high-quality rubber, the CB11 and CB12 are designed with a classic aquanaut styled shape that fits perfectly well on the wrist of the watch owner. On the first gaze, one can easily grasp the vintage touch of elegance and class that suits the iconic Seiko brand.


High-quality vulcanized rubber

The material of the straps is high-quality vulcanized rubber, ideal for a premium strap, making it a formidable piece that is anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic, suited for every type of user and having no health side-effects at all. 

Designed for fit

The curved ends are designed with extreme care and made particularly for specific watch models of the Seiko brand i.e. Seiko Turtle and Seiko SKX/Seiko Sports 5. The comfort and premium feel of the straps is ultra-superior,  unmatched with any other strap in the market made for Seiko Turtle or SKX.

Flexibility in length:

With 15 resistant pin-holes, you never need to worry about the length of the strap. Whatever your wrist size may be, these straps will be flexible, allowing you to adjust them just the way you like.

Customization ability

The CB11 and CB12 come with a variety of options for users to choose from and suit their particular needs. The Brushed 316L stainless steel tang buckle can be upgraded to  PVD Black or Yellow Gold and a vast choice of colors to choose from only adds up to its customization ability.

RoHS approved

Both the CB11 and CB12 are RoHS-approved straps, which approve the authenticity of their health friendliness build-up and are a testimony of their reliability and authenticity.

The straps have been announced to launch soon and are already available for preorders. Customers who preorder the straps may be able to exploit a premium discount that may not be available after the product has been officially launched.

So, are you an owner of the Seiko SKX or Seiko Turtle?

Hop on to Crafter Blue and order these latest addition aquanaut straps to give your Seiko watch a new life.

REMEMBER! These aquanut style bands are currently available for at a huge discount of 20% at Crafter Blue.

The discount may not be available for long and may only be exclusive for Black Friday Sale.


Get the aquanaut-styled rubber strap (CB11) strap for your Seiko SKX.


Get the aquanaut-styled rubber strap (CB12) strap for your Seiko Turtle