Premium quality, elegant look, and affordable price are some of the most important decision perimeters that a watch lover looks for whenever they want to step up their fashion choice. This is everything that the modern Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 models have been equipped with.

In part I of this article, we shed some light on the technical features like bezels and dial color, case, and the luminosity effect of the staggering SKX007 and SKX009 variant from SEIKO. This article will add to that and talk about the short history, cheap price, stunning look, reliability, and vast modification capacity of these amazing SKX watches.

So, without further ado, let us get going.


History of SKX007/009

Seiko developed their first mechanical diver watch in 1965. Receiving great responses from divers across the world who were desperately looking for a reliable diver watch, Seiko started developing diving watches regularly. Their famous diver watch SKX 7002 achieved huge fame and was in immense demand right after its inception in 1988. Soon, the watch became a top choice for freedivers, and especially the military personnel were in love with them.

Seiko 6217-8000/8001

Seiko 6217-8000/8001 (Source: fratellowatches)


SKX007/009 is the successor of SEIKO’s 7002 series as an entry-level diver watch and just like its predecessor, it is a top choice of watch lovers across the globe.

Seiko 7002
Seiko 7002 (Source: tabletopwatches)


Stunning look

Owed to its gorgeous looks, the SKX is equally famous for regular use than it is for diving purposes. The matte black round dial goes nicely along with a polished stainless steel case carved with a beautiful white font for the brand’s label and a breathtaking orange font water-resistance specification tag. Just like their parents, the SKX007 and SKX009 are known for their staggering look that compliments every dress and gets noticed instantly in a gathering.


Seiko skx007 (Source: strapcode)


Cheap and reliable

Powered with 7s26 movement, the ultimate precision, and accuracy along with the fact it is recognized by ISO to have successfully met its ISO6425 standard for diver watches, the SKX becomes the go-to choice for diving enthusiasts for their underwater endeavors.

With such high-end reliability, premium features, and stunning look, the SKX also stands out to be the cheapest option for diver watches of this quality.


Robert Redford is wearing the Seiko skx009 in the moive "All is lost". (Source: fratellowatches)


Aftermarket parts and modification

The utmost modification capability of the SKX variant of SEIKO is one of the underlying reasons for its massive success. With a variety of modified versions of SKX already available on the internet, the SKX can easily be classified as the most modifiable watch in the last 20 years.

The rubber band is an ideal metarial for any outdoor activities. It is lightweight, durable and comfortable. 


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