Crafter Blue


o    Material: Pure vulcanized FKM rubber. Anti-UV, anti-dust and anti-allergic 
o    Buckle Type: Brushed 316L stainless steel tang buckle (can be upgraded to PVD Black or Yellow Gold)
o    Strap Color: Black, Navy, Green Camouflage, Navy Camouflage
o    Design to fit Seiko SKX, SRPDxx series and SSK series
o    10 resistant pin holes offering flexibility in length

Crafter Blue is more than excited to bring you the newest and the most innovative rubber strap on the market today that is made specifically for the new version of SKX and Seiko 5 Sports. We are the very first to create an innovative and revolutionary watch strap alternative for the famous Seiko SKX and 5 Sports series. The new strap is made of the finest FKM rubber and this accessory is not just like any other rubber strap out there. It is the ultimate choice for watch wearers for comfort, style, and durability.

Waterproof and extremely supple, this rubber strap is sure to become your personal favorite. Just like the SKX series, the FKM strap is also known for its staggering look that compliments every dress and ensemble. To give you an avenue to better express yourself, we are giving you more color options. Our new rubber strap is now also available in normal colors such as black with your choice of brushed stainless steel tang, PVD, or Yellow Gold buckle. Camouflage style is among our most-loved choices in the arsenal. 

Lug width: 22mm
Buckle size: 20mm
Buckle type: Brushed stainless steel tang buckle
Wrist size 5.2 inches to 8.2 inches / 133 mm to 210 mm
Overall Length: 120mm + 80mm
Thickness: Approx. 4.5mm - 3.5mm
Design to fit : Seiko SKX007, SKX009, SKX011 and new Seiko Sports 5 (the SKX replacement)
Color / Finish: Black, Navy, Green Camouflage, Navy Camouflage
Lug end style: Curved End
Pin holes: 10 resistant pin holes offering flexibility in length

Seiko SKX series:
SKX007, SKX009 and SKX011

Seiko SRPDxx series:
SRPD77K1, SRPD85K1, SRPD79K1, SRPD81K1, SRPD83K1, SRPD55K2, SRPD65K1, SRPD76K1, SRPD65K2, SRPD67K1, SRPD69K1, SRPD71K1, SRPD71K2,  SRPD73K1,  SRPD73K2,  SRPD75K1, SRPD51K1, SRPD51K2, SRPD53K1, SRPD55K1, SRPD55K3, SRPD57K1, SRPD59K1, SRPD61K1, SRPD63K1, SRPD65K1,SRPD65K4, SBSA029, SBSA030, SBSA031, SBSA033, SBSA034, SBSA036, SBSA037, SBSA038, SBSA025, SBSA027, SBSA028, SBSA015, SBSA017, SBSA019, SBSA001, SBSA003, SBSA005, SBSA007, SBSA009, SBSA011, SBSA013, SBSA021, SBSA023, SRPE75, SRPE77, SRPH65, SRPH67, SRPH69, SRPH71, SRPH80, SRPG65, SRPH80, SBSA145,SRPJ41, SRPJ43,SRPJ19J8, SRPJ20J8, SRPJ43JT, SBSA177

Seiko 5 GMT series:
SSK001, SSK003, SSK005

5.2 inches to 8.2 inches / 133 mm to 210 mm

Replacement spring bars: included

Strap Color:
Buckle Choice:
Stainless Steel Keeper (Optional):

What is Crafter Blue strap made of?

Each Crafter Blue strap is made of vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized rubber is a material that undergoes a chemical process known as vulcanization. This process involves mixing natural rubber with additives such as sulfur and other curatives. Vulcanization makes rubber much stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to heat and other environmental conditions. Vulcanized rubber makes both soft and hard objects, ranging from rubber bands to bowling balls. In fact, almost any rubber object consists of vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized rubber is stronger than non-vulcanized rubber because its bonds are made of cross-links at an atomic level. This allows vulcanized rubber to stand up to more stress and damage. Vulcanized rubber is also more rigid than non-vulcanized rubber, so it is more stretch-resistant in the first place. However, vulcanized rubber has the same elasticity level as non-vulcanized rubber.


How quickly are orders processed?

Excepts the pre order items, all orders are guaranteed to ship within 48 business hours. However, if you placed your order over the weekend, it will be shipped next business day. Once your order ships, you will receive an automated tracking email from us within next 48hours (2 more business days will be expected). If it’s been more than 48 hours and you haven’t received tracking, please feel free to contact us here .


Shipping Destination

We ship worldwide. If you find that your location is not on our shipping list at checkout, please contact us HERE for further assistance.


When can I expect to receive my order?

Shipping time depends on your destination:

5 – 7 business days​

EU countries:
10 – 12 business days

Asian countries:
5 – 7 business days

10 – 12 business days

Australia & New Zealand:
10 – 12 business days

Middle east countries:
10 – 12 business days

Latin American countries & Russian:
at least 14 days

Hong Kong:
within 3 business days


Other Charges and Custom Matters

Customers are liable to all the customs, taxes and tariffs that may incurred. Furthermore, customers shall be fully responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination(s). When purchasing from Crafter Blue, the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it may cause delays beyond the estimated delivery. Crafter Blue shall not be responsible any failure in passing the customs inspections nor do we take responsibility for items taking extended time processed by the customs.


Return Policy

Correct details and a valid shipping address are required when you are making purchase. Customers are responsible for the cost of the lost mail. No refund or reshipment will be given, if they have input incorrect information.

If you are not satisfied with our products, we do accept returns for any product in unused condition (Note 1) within 7 days of customer’s receipt of goods. All refunds are subject to a deduction of $20.00 and the original shipping charges incurred (Note 2). For returns, the customers are responsible for the following issues:

Product returns are the responsibility of the customer. Please ensure that returned goods are packed in original package and handled carefully.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges of product returns. Traceable shipping method is highly recommended.

Once we receive the return products, refunds will be processed using the same method as the original payment method.

Note 1: The product has NOT been mounted, worn, bent, altered, stained or damaged.

Note 2: Full refund (including original fee and waving return fee) will be processed for items proved to be defective ONLY.


How to return an item?

How to return an item?

Please email your request from HERE. In your email, please let us know your service code printed at the back of the international warranty card. You must return the item within 7 days of customer’s receipt of goods.



Crafter Blue warrants products that are defective in material within 12 months upon purchase. Crafter Blue shall not be liable to any incidental or consequential damages resulting from daily use. If manufacturer defects are found within 7 days of customer’s receipt of goods, full refund will be arranged.

Note 3: No warranty will be applied on any gift purchase or private seller. Unless the purchaser can provide a valid order number & a photo of the warranty card (both information are required) 



Mon-Fri: 09:00-18:00hrs (GMT+8:00)
Sat-Sun & public holiday: Off

All emails will be replied within 2 business days.

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