Custom Rubber Dive Straps For Watches

Custom Rubber Dive Straps for Watches from Crafter Blue

Custom dive watch rubber straps are ideal for those who own high-end luxury timepieces. Although universal watch straps work with many 22mm models, there are various sizes of timepieces. Diver watch bands are perfect for those who own timepieces from brands such as Rolex, Tudor, and Seiko.


Custom dive watch rubber straps accommodate non-standard watch sizes. For instance, Tudor has a series of watches measuring 41mm. With custom dive watch rubber straps, you have an alternate band for your Tudor Heritage or Tudor Pelagos timepieces. The timepiece fits perfectly in the custom band and stays secure wherever you go.


Diver watch bands were first created for those who needed a protective strap. The rubber straps became known as diver watch bands because they were frequently used by swimmers and divers. Rubber watch bands are safe in both bodies of freshwater and saltwater. However, custom watch bands are also a good choice for anyone. Although water resistance is a major advantage, the straps are also resistant to other types of elements. The vulcanized rubber in the straps from Crafter Blue remain perfectly intact when exposed to oils or acidic materials. The rubber strap is also hypoallergenic and won’t cause a reaction if worn during activities such as cycling and runs.


Vulcanized rubber is best for any type of diver watch bands. Other types of rubber bands are typically cheap and flimsy. Vulcanized rubber goes through many phases of chemical processing to add extra strength and flexibility to the band. With numerous protective layers, the watch band is not prone to damage from the elements. The watch band is safe to bring in the water, on the beach, or outside in poor weather conditions. Exposing a standard band to these types of elements is likely to lead to corrosion or rust. When you weaken the materials in a watch band, the damage is permanent and requires a replacement strap. Replacement bands from luxury watchmakers are usually very expensive and may have limited availability.


The custom watch bands from Crafter Blue are made to appeal to all styles. Shoppers may prefer bright and bold colors for their rubber straps such as red and orange. Others may want an understated and professional look and opt for colors such as black and gray. Custom choices are available for a variety of luxury timepieces. Crafter Blue offers choices for those who own certain model Rolex, Seiko, and Tudor watches. Check specifications on each rubber strap to make sure it fits your particular model. Installation is quick and easy for most custom rubber dive straps for watches. If the buyer has any difficulties, Crafter Blue is available for customer assistance.

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