Rubber Watch Straps For Tudor

Rubber Watch Straps for Tudor Brand Timepieces

Rubber watch straps for Tudor are the perfect options for those looking for diver style bands. With a Tudor rubber strap, you extend the usage of your luxury timepiece. Rubber straps can be taken on the go and will hold up against the harshest of elements.


Crafted from vulcanized rubber, the straps from Crafter Blue are very durable and long-lasting. Unlike other types of rubber, vulcanized rubber goes through extra processing to increase the strength of the band. Vulcanized rubber straps are resistant to water, UV rays, and impacts. Over time, the color of your Tudor rubber strap will never be compromised. The bold and bright appearance of the strap remains the same—no matter where you take your luxury timepiece.


The Tudor Heritage Rubber Strap from Crafter Blue works with most models from the Heritage Series. Models that fit with the Tudor Heritage Rubber Strap include the 79220, 79230, 79363, 79830, and many others. The strap is installed seamlessly on the standard 41mm models from the watchmaker. To match the sophisticated style of the watch series, the Tudor Heritage Rubber Strap is available in colors such as navy blue, black, and red. Both hardware options, stainless steel and PVD black, provide a secure fit for the Tudor watch while never compromising style.


Rubber dive Tudor watch straps are also available for the Pelagos series from the brand. Multiple watches in the series work with the rubber straps from Crafter Blue, including models 25600TB, 25600TN, and 25610TNL.


The Tudor dive watch rubber strap is a popular choice among those who have an active lifestyle. To accommodate those who participate in water sports, the watch straps were first created. However, all individuals who enjoy the outdoors can benefit from the rubber dive Tudor watch straps. As an example, if you wear the rubber strap during a run or high-intensity workout, the watch strap is sweat-wicking. The moisture-wicking features prevents wrist irritation and undesirable skin reactions.


To care for the Tudor dive watch rubber strap, very little maintenance is required. Any dirt or debris is simply wiped clean. When not in use, keep the watch strap in a cool and dry place. Switch out the Tudor watch strap as often as you desire. All accessories needed to make the update come with your purchase from Crafter Blue. This includes the replacement spring bars.


When ready to update your Tudor watch with a rubber strap, a few simple steps are required to get the watch ready to go. The spring bar needs to be removed as well as the original band. The Tudor rubber strap will then slide into place without the need for extra links or complicated buckling systems. The strap is then secured with the clasp. Tools needed to make the switch include a jewelry screwdriver and spring bar removal tool. These low-cost tools are available at any watch retailer or online store. As an alternative, the watch owner may take the Tudor watch to a repair shop or retail location that sells the luxury timepieces. Fee to make the switch to a Tudor rubber strap is usually nominal. It’s best to choose a shop if you’re not comfortable working on luxury watches.


Fits for rubber watch straps for Tudor timepieces are customizable. No need to worry that the band won’t fit your wrist if you have a small or large wrist. Each watch band has multiple sizing options to keep the timepiece secure on your wrist. A stylish buckle holds the strap in place.


Rubber dive Tudor watch straps have recently seen a surge in popularity. More and more wearers are looking for a strap that is comfortable and can be worn wherever they go. Rubber straps are versatile and give the timepiece a modern look. Rubber watch straps for Crafter Blue not only protect the band, but also keep the watch face secure. Once installed, the strap and band remain together. The rubber can be exposed to extreme conditions, including an appropriate choice for swimming or diving in both freshwater and saltwater. Once out of the water and in the sun, ultraviolet rays will not cause the colors of the strap to fade or discolor.


Crafter Blue rubber watch straps for Tudor timepieces are low-cost—allowing you to change your style as often as you please. If you happen to misplace the strap, it’s very affordable to replace it with a new one. The straps are practical as well as durable. Along with Tudor rubber strap options, shop our catalog for design options for other luxury brands such as Rolex and Seiko.

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