Universal Rubber Strap For Watches

Find an Affordable and Stylish Universal Rubber Strap for Watches

As a premier rubber watch seller, Crafter Blue aims to help expand the use of your fashion and sports watches. Rubber dive watch straps replace stainless steel straps to improve comfort and fit of your timepieces. With a universal rubber strap for watches, you may choose to wear your watch at home, at work, and on the go.


The Universal Rubber Strap for dive watches from Crafter Blue come in a variety of colors and styles. Get a strap color that fits your own unique style preferences. Popular choices of rubber dive watch straps include red, black, and green. Customize the buckle too to match your watch’s overall aesthetic. Select stainless steel or PVD black when choosing the hardware for your new strap.


Each strap has multiple sizing options to accommodate all wrist sizes. Extra length is provided to fit wrists that range in size from extra small to extra large. When installing, always leave more length to ensure the fit is perfect. To install, the replacement spring bar is removed from the timepiece. After sliding in the new universal rubber strap for watches, you secure it to the spring bar. To help make installation as painless as possible, Crafter Blue provides replacement spring bars. If unsure about performing installation on your own, bring all parts to a jewelry or watch shop. The service professional removes the band from the timepiece and safely secure your new strap. Most service professionals charge a very low fee for changing out the strap on a watch.


The Universal Rubber Strap for dive watches from Crafter Blue accommodate most watches sized at 22mm. The 22mm refers to the lug width of the timepiece. All straps from Crafter Blue are manufactured from vulcanized rubber. Vulcanized rubber is the preferred choice for watch straps due to its unmatched durability. Even with the added strength, the strap never loses its versatility and flexibility. The fit is lightweight and very comfortable. Best of all, the rubber watch straps are water-resistant. During exercise or when outside in the heat, the strap remains cool and dry. Vulcanized rubber straps are also hypoallergenic and won’t cause breakouts on the wrist. Certain metal straps tend to cause skin irritation and the rubber straps from Crafter Blue prevents this from occurring.


Caring for a vulcanized rubber strap is simple and easy. No special chemicals or cleaners are needed to remove dirt and debris from the strap. Wipe away any residue from the strap with a clean and moist cloth. Keep stored in a cool and dry place between uses. The rubber strap will remain durable throughout the lifetime of your watch. The vulcanized rubber is resistant to not only water, but also ultraviolet rays, dust, oils, and acidic materials.


Since the watch straps are very affordable, you don’t have to worry if the strap is lost. Replacement rubber watch straps cost a fraction of the price of luxury bands. Multiple colors may be purchased too as a way to change up your look. Instead of wearing the same basic band day in and day out, you add fun pops of color with the addition of your new band.


Choose Crafter Blue as your rubber watch strap seller. Our highly-rated company is available to assist you with all of your rubber strap needs. In addition to rubber dive watch straps, we have a selection of custom straps for timepieces from top brands such as Seiko, Tudor, and Rolex. Our watch straps are high-quality and we offer flexible return and warranty policies.

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