How to Change the Look of Your Watch With a Watch Strap

Timepieces are among the particularly desirable things to collect and it is easy to understand why. They have a multi-faceted nature and owning one that you know you will love and keep forever is one of the best feelings. 

We all have our personal reasons why we collect watches. The same goes with collecting stamps, toys, cards, and other stuff that we find valuable and meaningful to us. It can be a gift for yourself to satisfy your sense of achievement, it can be for investment or heirloom purposes, it can be for social status reasons, or simply just to add more character to your fashion style.

Whatever the reason is, one thing is for certain. Our watches tell something about us and they are very personal to us. This is why many watch buyers and aficionados love to customize their watches and give them a whole new look in order to match their personalities and styles.

Here, we are going to give you valuable tips on how you could improve the aesthetics of your watch with a watch strap. First, let us take a look at some of the watch straps available in the market today.


Types of Watch Straps

Oyster - It is the quintessential metal bracelet that Rolex has been using since the late 1930s. They are still very popular today.

STRAPCODE 22mm Super-O Boyer Watch Band compatible with Seiko Diver SKX007, Brushed Wetsuit Clasp


Jubilee - It is a metal bracelet and typically has polished center links and brushed outer links and you’ll mostly find them on dive watches.

STRAPCODE 22mm Super-J Louis JUB Watch Band compatible with Seiko SKX007, 316L Stainless Steel Brushed


Mesh - They became popular in the 1970s. It is mainly made of stainless steel with a mesh pattern that gives a more robust and sophisticated look to watches.

STRAPCODE 22mm Polished Tapered Winghead "SHARK" Mesh watch band, V-Clasp


Canvas - It has a cloth-like feature and brings back the glory days of denim fashion. These straps are traditionally all-natural yet many modern straps are now made synthetic.

STRAPCODE Straight Quick Release Canvas Watch Strap in Orange, 20mm or 22mm

Nato - First attributed to the British military, it is still among the popular straps of today. It is a one-piece design that includes a buckle, three keepers, and nylon webbing.

STRAPCODE Nato 20mm, 21mm, 22mm Heat Sealed Heavy Nylon Polished Buckle - Green


Rubber - This has got to be the sturdiest option and the most flexible straps of all. Vulcanized rubber straps are very sturdy, water-resistant, stylish, and are comfortable to wear.



Dress or Casual Leather - Among the famous straps is dress leather. It is mostly used with some metal hardware like snaps, rivets, or buttons. They are stylish too.


How to Improve the Look of Your Watch With a Watch Strap

Changing your watch strap is a very good idea to either protect, style, or renew your favorite watch. There are so many wonderful reasons you should do the same thing because altering the straps of your loved and most-priced watches can help prolong their lifespan, protect them from everyday wear and tear or other damages, and simply breathe a new life into them.



Look for the perfect match.

Switching your strap will allow you to elevate your style according to your preferences. If you are mostly in business casual attire, you can go for a leather or metal band. If you work in the field and are always out and about, then go for a sporty, sturdy, and more versatile option like rubber straps.

Changing your strap allows you to match your watch with any ensemble. A leather strap works on leather shoes while some stainless steel bands can also work with other 


Do not settle for low-quality straps.

You also need to look for high-quality straps and make sure that you get your money’s worth. More and more watch fans are altering their bracelets with Crafter Blue UX03 Strap. It is a straight-end FKM pure vulcanized rubber strap with anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic features. Aside from its sturdy nature, the strap is also very stylish and connects the line between elegance and adventure.

For those with an active lifestyle, going for a rubber strap is the most ideal option. It doesn’t take on any odor or stench, it is waterproof, it is sturdy and flexible, and has a non-slip fit.


Pick the right color.

Like different attires and events, each of us has a unique personality and we can use our watches to display who we are, what we love, and our character through them. With different watch strap colors available especially for leather, cloth, and rubber straps, you can find a nice contrast and instantly improve your watch’s aesthetics.

However, take note that it is also imperative that your dial design and case style work well with your bracelet.


Revive your old watches.

Needless to say, a proper strap is a crucial and essential companion to any watch. Experiment and switch it out to get new styles. For those who want to bring new life to their old watches, doing so is the most ideal way to revive them. Instead of splurging on another watch, you can cut the losses by simply altering the bracelet.