Introducing The Seiko NH34 movment: the Rise of GMT custom watches?

Seiko movements dominate the market of custom watches for a decade. And now, you can modify your watch with the latest NH34 automatic movement. Luckily, you can find a commendable stock of the NH34 movement.


More about the Seiko NH34 automatic movement


Seiko recently launched its latest product. It is a 4R34 mechanical watch movement with a GMT function. The company also launched a series of 5 sports watches using the same movement.

Hence, making the Seiko GMT movement a top-trending product of the watch industry.

In addition, upon noticing the worldwide demand for the latest Seiko movement, the company renamed its product Seiko NH34. It is complete for an automatic GMT watch.

The brand went the extra mile to catch global attention to its movement model. The product comes with meticulous details, fine structure, and eye-catching design to make it worth buying. And so, buyers ranging from resellers to individuals seek the top-tier product.

Moreover, its fine GMT function is one of a kind. The models have a traditional outlook of date, a 24-hour hand, and a 24-hour rotating bezel. Thus, it sets the watch to three different time zones, a perfect piece for travelers, tourists, and business people.

Fortunately, Crafter Blue gathered a commendable stock of the NH34 movement to sell online. We are one of the few reselling companies with original stock. And so, from selling Seiko straps, we extend our services to selling the Seiko NH34 movement online.


What is GMT function?

The GMT function is a watch complication that allows the wearer to track two time zones simultaneously. The most common implementation of the GMT function is a 24-hour bezel or inner ring that can be rotated to align with the local time, allowing the wearer to easily read the time in another time zone.

The history of the GMT function dates back to the early days of air travel, when pilots needed a way to keep track of multiple time zones while crossing the globe. The first GMT watches were developed in collaboration with airline companies and became known as "pilot's watches." Today, the GMT function is popular among travelers and businesspeople who often need to juggle multiple time zones.

The GMT function is a useful tool for keeping track of time in multiple time zones, whether you're a traveler, businessperson, or just trying to stay coordinated with friends and family in different parts of the world.


The Rise of GMT custom watches

The NH34 movement is quickly becoming a popular choice for watch modifications, particularly among Seiko enthusiasts. The NH34 is a more affordable alternative to the well-known Swiss ETA movements and offers many of the same features and benefits. With the increasing popularity of Seiko mods, the NH34 is poised to become the go-to choose for many watches modification projects.

The NH34 is one of the most popular movements for watch modification. The reason for its popularity is its GMT function, which allows the wearer to keep track of two time zones simultaneously. In the past, the options for Seiko watch modification were limited to basic 3-hand models. But now, with the NH34 movement, people can customize their watches with GMT function.


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