The Seiko King Turtle and Crafter Blue aquanaut style strap

Owing to the enormous success in their edition of dive watches, Seiko decided to turn towards a safer path when they decided that instead of making the changes to their best-selling diver watch, the “Seiko Turtle”, they will introduce a better new version.


This made sure that the current users of the “Seiko Turtle” weren’t pissed by the changes made because over time they had fallen in love with the Seiko Turtle, and they wouldn’t want any changes to be made to their favorite watch.


 (Source: Monochrome)

This is when the inception of “Seiko King Turtle” came to being. With exclusive upgrades from design to quality, the name of the new variant is a clear representation of the ideology vision behind the King turtle.


How King turtle is an upgrade from normal turtle

The upgrades in the King Turtle from the traditional Turtle come in many forms.

Let us discuss some of the changes made to the King Turtle.


  • Redesigned bezel with more pronounced grooves

 The bezel of the newly designed king turtle is now made of ceramic material, ensuring more durability and improvement in presence. With increased gleam and improved readability, the overall design is more balanced than the original turtle.


(Source: Monochrome)

  • Sapphire crystal, a new addition

Unlike their conventional choice of Hardlex, their primary watch crystal, Seiko has decided to up their game and incorporate the cutting-edge sapphire crystal in the Sapphire King, an upgrade that in itself is worth all the money.

  • Decorative touches

With an overall improvement in aesthetics and visibility, the Seiko King comes with a newly designed waffle-shaped pattern on the dial with Lavishly applied luminescent paint that ensures exquisite readings in the dark.


 (Source: Monochrome)


Is the King turtle worth your money?

Keeping in view the tremendous upgrades and improvement in overall quality in both aesthetics and readability, a mere increase in price for such improved features and benefits is completely justified for the King Turtle. So yeah, one could say that the King Turtle is definitely worth the upgrade and worth the money.

Why CB12 from Crafter Blue is the best strap for King Turtle


The CB12 and King Turtle may as well be a match made in heaven for each other and here is why:


  1. The classic aquanut design of the straps goes hand in hand with the waffle-shaped pattern in the dial.


  1. The high-quality vulcanized rubber suits perfectly well with the premium touch of Seiko King.


  1. The curved ends of the strap are the best fit for the dial and complement the firm grip envisioned by the Seiko visionaries for the Turtle King.
  1. The flexibility in length offers a fit for every wrist wishful of wearing Seiko King.
  1. The RoHS-approved label provides peace of mind that premium watch owners long to achieve.


Nothing would go better with the Seiko King, than their latest Vulcanized rubber, curved-end strap, the CB12 designed specifically for the Seiko brand.


Order your CB12 for Seiko’s King Turtle here.