Seiko Story: Top Reasons Seiko MM200 is the Best Modern Diver Watch Today

Seiko is renowned for creating exquisitely-crafted diving watches that fit everybody’s lifestyle, especially the adventurers, professionals, watch aficionados, sports enthusiasts, and everyone in between. 

Seiko is known for creating a legendary and exquisite range of watches. When Seiko introduced Japan’s first-ever diver watch in the ’60s, they have since raised the bar in the watchmaking industry and continuously develops amazing timepieces that equally meet the requirements of underwater exploration. Which allows one to use it while a free dive or a diver propulsion vehicle assisted one.

Their early creations laid the groundwork for Seiko to continue to revolutionize, modernize, and perfect diving watches. They relentlessly deploy all the skills and experience they gained over the decades in terms of style, mechanisms, provenance, materials, and specifications.

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One of their iconic pieces is Seiko MM200 or the know Marinemaster 200 and it has a lot to offer. Marinemaster remains a fundamental part of Seiko’s growth as a watch brand along with its intricate evolution.

Here are the top reasons owning one is worth every penny.


Seiko MM200 watch collection represents exemplary and brilliant dive watch technology and exquisite craftsmanship.

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It features some high-class touches similar to the Marinemaster 300 that is a no-brainer option for watch enthusiasts. You can expect elegance and functionality in the new MM200 models. 


Inspired by their 1968 300-meter water-resistant watch, Seiko Marinemaster 200m was given a modern design interpretation. It retains the sharp and powerful look of the original watch but has amazing new features including a slimmer bezel and a contemporary touch to its hour and minute hands with LumiBrite. The shovel hands are also made incredibly perfect which is a heritage trademark of the Marinemaster series.\

With its overall luxurious build, one can only expect so much and the MM200 series truly delivers. More to that, Seiko offers them at an affordable rate but with hind-end features and this is really great news even for starters.

Since it is a scaled-down version of MM300, watch collectors and enthusiasts who do not want a chunky or bulky watch would genuinely love this modern design. 

Furthermore, the raw steel bezel on the black dial variant also provides a more serious look behind it that most watch enthusiasts love. There are also MM200 with blue dial and green dial variants. You can freely choose from the wide range of models in this special series.


Crafter Blue CB13 curved end rubber strap is engineered for Seiko MM200

You can also replace the strap and upgrade it to your liking if you are not a huge fan or the stainless steel closure. There are anti-allergic, anti-UV pure vulcanized rubber straps for Seiko MM200 Series

Seiko SPB207J1

One of the newest MM200 models is Seiko SPB207J1 which has 24 jewels in place and it features a strikingly relaxing dark green dial inspired by the dense verdant forest on Japan’s Iriomote Island which is one of the best places for diving. To pay homage to this breath-taking scenic spot that is abundant in coral reefs and the main Okinawa Prefecture attraction, Seiko created the MM200 series with a contemporary design in mind.

And this latest MM200 models are running on the 6R35 automatic movement with manual winding capacity. It has an impressive 70-hour power reserve. 


There really is not much disadvantage to the Seiko MM200 series considering it is loved passionately by the watch community for its modern touch and functionality. However, the 200-meter water resistance for this series may not be enough for deep-sea divers.

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