Rolex Rubber Strap

Custom and Durable Rubber Watch Straps for Rolex Watches

A Rolex rubber strap from Crafter Blue expands the versatility of your Rolex watch. Rubber watch straps for Rolex brand timepieces allow you to use the Rolex right alongside your active lifestyle. With so much convenience, rubber watch straps for Rolex allow you to take your watch wherever you go.


Rubber watch straps for Rolex timepieces from Crafter Blue are long-lasting and top quality. High levels of craftsmanship go into all products from our brand. Straps are created from vulcanized rubber that undergo special processing to increase the strength without compromising comfort. By reinforcing the rubber, the strap is highly protective against the elements. Your watch strap is protected against damage caused by UV rays, water, extreme temperatures, and impacts. Although vulcanized rubber is very rigid and strong, the elasticity is not affected.


Another benefit of a rubber strap for Rolex watches is that the material is very easy to clean. Instead of requiring a professional cleaning, any type of residue can be simply wiped away with a wet cloth. However, don’t worry about the rubber retaining any moisture after cleaning. Vulcanized rubber straps are waterproof and moisture-wicking.


Rubber watch straps for Rolex luxury watches have a comfortable and adjustable fit. Installation is easy and simple with a surefire way to update the style of your watch. Crafter Blue has straps that can be adapted for most Rolex watches. Extra clasps and buckles are not needed to set up your rubber strap. The strap adapts to the watch’s current clasp or buckle system. Extra parts like the EasyLink system are not necessary to install our offerings—including the Rolex Submariner Rubber Strap and the Rolex Yacht Master Rubber Strap.


The Rolex Submariner Rubber Strap from Crafter Blue works with Submariner model watches. The Rolex Submariner uses a deployment buckle to connect the rubber strap securely. The rubber material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The universal fit of the rubber strap won’t require additional links from a Rolex watch for installation. Multiple models work with the Rolex Submariner Rubber Strap, including the popular 14060 Series.


Installing a Rolex Submariner rubber strap can be done on your own without posing any damage to your luxury timepiece. The design can work with multiple types of Rolex clasps and attached in a few short minutes. When measuring for your wrist, always leave extra room in case of error. Instead, it is better to trim any excess gradually until the fit is perfect. The sizes available through Crafter Blue are appropriate for both small and large wrists.


Another highlighted product from Crafter Blue is the Rolex Yacht Master Rubber Strap. Made from vulcanized rubber, the strap provides a comfortable and rugged fit. To mount the Rolex Yacht Master Rubber Strap is easy and once installed, the timepiece will have a flush and polished look. Like all Rolex rubber straps, the Yacht Master model is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.


Rubber watch straps for Rolex timepieces can be ready to wear within minutes. In just a few simple steps, the watch is secured to the new strap. For most straps, the user easily removes the spring bar from the Rolex watch, unlatching the former band, and sliding the new rubber strap into place. Once the vulcanized rubber is in place, the clasp is once again secured. Mounting is done with the use of a basic jeweler’s screwdriver. Many individuals are comfortable performing the band switch at home. However, if you’ve never switched bands on a Rolex watch, a repair shop or Rolex retailer can usually assist. Luxury watch shops typically have the basic tools needed to size a Rolex watch and switch bands for the timepiece.

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